Democracy : your handbook

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  • Cultures i moviments migratoris, Política i relacions internacionals
  • A partir de 16 anys
  • Anglès
  • Kakorozya, Adeodatus. MS Uganda
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What is democracy? Where will we find it? How can we be democratic? Why should we be democratic? When? Who deserves it? Democracy is an ideal, easy to desire. Undestanding and practising it is more challenging. 

This Democracy Cartoon come in to enrich and bring a visual and powerful undestanding of democracy and how to practice it. The Cartoon supplements our (MS Uganda)  Democracy Handbook in which we sought to put a whole new perspective to democracy: Democracy as a way of life, as something we live every day. 

In this perspective, democracy is based on how you relate with wour neighbours, your family, your friends and enemies. Its about personal responsibility and accomtability: about fairness, tolerance and selflessness and most importantly about participating in community affairis. This we believe can and should help shape and mould our different contributions to nation building and better society.

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