WARFARE OR WELFARE? Disarmament for Development in the 21st Century

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The purpose of this volume is essentially to help revive the idea of Disarmament and Development, developed in the 1980s by the United Nations, to describe it in a more modern form, and to set it in a ‘human security’ context. It also acts as an introduction to a new project in this field, launched by the International Peace Bureau as part of its Human Security programme.

Given the size of the field covered, the material presented should be considered as a source-book for activists, rather than an exhaustive academic study. In order to relate the themes chosen more closely to the work of the IPB and its network, we have chosen to accompany the main text with selections from the websites of certain member organisations. This has the advantage of illustrating some of the large body of work being carried out by civil society all over the world in fields relating to our theme